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Though other social media in the past decade have gotten more headlines, Facebook remains one of the most popular social connection platforms in the world. Over a billion people use its messaging feature alone on a regular basis. Newer platforms aimed at youth create the perception that Facebook is an archaic dinosaur in the digital realm, but don’t be fooled by fake news.

Why Facebook Remains King

Media reports speculate that Facebook is faltering because young people increasingly use other platforms. 

In truth, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform worldwide, reaching almost two-thirds of internet users. Demographics suggest that it remains especially popular among users in their 30s and older. In our view, Facebook is the optimal social media platform for those in their 30s and older. They want to keep connections across distances with family and friends through sharing moments and memories. 

Facebook provides the easiest way to maintain those connections. 

Facebook Advertising

Regular users of Facebook have seen an increase in personalized advertising in the past few years. More effective data collection has helped the platform to better connect its users with products, services, and even campaigns. 

Using likes, online searches, and custom analysis, Facebook helps to bring organizations and their targets together.  The Custom Audiences feature alone can reduce customer or client acquisition costs by as much as three fourths. 

What Are Chatbots?

Bots are artificial intelligence programs that interact with potential customers, clients, and others seeking information about an organization. At their very simplest, they are used in online or telephone communications to ascertain and try to solve customer service issues.  What they cannot perform on their own, they hand off to a human operator for resolution.

Chatbots offer a more versatile, effective, and rapid way to help in customer service and care. 

Facebook Messenger chatbots offer significant improvements over mobile apps in building the best bonds between a brand and its potential customers. 

Organizations using chatbots have the opportunity to connect with their brand, products, and services through Messenger. Through this platform, the methods by which one can promote and brand and enhance customer care are endless. 

Chatbots can create connections with a variety of customers. They can handle customer service type questions and complaints. Chatbots can also start the conversation with a greeting and invitation to take advantage of some service or offer. 

Why Chatbots Add Convenience to Marketing

Chatbots create better versatility than most other marketing tools. Depending on your brand and product, you can use them to:

  • Play games
  • Spread jokes
  • Offer useful information, such as recipes or tips
  • Industry information
  • Do it yourself guides
  • Fun facts
  • Fun reminders of holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, work events, and more

With digital capabilities expected to expand soon with the advent of 5G, we cannot predict future capabilities. One should expect, however, increased versatility, innovation, and, most importantly, impact that drives conversations. 

Learn more about how Facebook ads, Messenger chatbots, and other essential techniques help boost your marketing. Our Botsurfer team stays abreast of the latest innovations in digital marketing, sharing that insight with our clients. 

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