Chatbot gamification: The power of gamification marketing for your business

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In recent years gamification has become a popular buzzword, not only in the technology sector but also in marketing. Businesses are always looking for creative strategies to attract and engage customers. Gamification marketing represents a fresh approach to user interaction, which can enhance the marketing strategy of many businesses. What exactly is gamification? What are the basic principles? Why is gamification especially effective in conversational marketing, and how can you simply gamify a chatbot?

What is gamification 

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and principles into a non-game environment. For example, chatbot gamification effectively increases engagement, pulls and hooks users in, and makes them more likely to return. In addition, a simple mechanic like point system can improve user retention and customer loyalty. 

First and foremost, the implementation of gamified elements does not mean you are creating a game. Their function is to trick your users' brains and make them crave interacting with your chatbot or app. Gamification rewards interaction streaks with positive reinforcement. Users will feel encouraged to continue using gamified chatbots or apps just to earn more points or get any other reward. Even small encouragements like badges are considered gamification. 

What are gamification principles

In order to utilise gamification marketing it is essential to be familiar with the key principles of gamification:

1. Value

Value is the crucial principle of app or chatbot gamification. For gamification to be effective, it has to bring some kind of value to your users. Otherwise, without value, gamified elements alone are not able to pull in users.  

Value can be in the form of an external motivator like a discount or an internal motivator like a personalized funny picture.

2. Game loop

Game loop is the essence of your gamified chatbot. The loop rewards and encourages users to keep using your chatbot and feel a sense of accomplishment. The game loop can be, for example, a point system. 

3. Simplicity

When overdone, gamification can have the opposite effect on users. Depending on the type of your chatbot, try to limit how many gamified elements you embed into your virtual assistant. Excessively gamified chatbots usually utilize a complicated game mechanics that gatekeep new users from interacting.

4. Limited resources

Users will naturally try to maximize their experience. By limiting their resources, users have to strategically decide how to spend them and feel in charge, thus getting a sense of accomplishment.

Chatbot gamification elements and strategies

The majority of gamified elements, which can be used in chatbots, are directly connected to the personality you give your chatbot. Every chatbot can be gamified. Keep in mind that if just chatting with your chatbot is boring, gamification will not help you engage customers. 

Reward system

Implementation of reward systems is a very effective mechanic, especially for collecting leads and proves, that gamified chatbots do not have to be complicated. A reward system is an incentive for users to continue chatting and interacting with your business and to leave their contact information. For example, reward your users with a 10% discount coupon for leaving their contact information, subscribing to your newsletter, or filling out a user satisfaction survey. 

Make users feel in control

Nothing makes us feel more in charge than making our own decisions. Include several different conversation scenario paths that a user can choose from and make their own choices. This mechanic will increase users' feel like they're involved in an adventure and keep them engaged and clicking.


One of the most effective tactics, which will gamify a chatbot, is a good-old cliffhanger. An exciting ending will keep the user in suspense and anxious not to miss out on any new information. A well-crafted cliffhanger will cause the FOMO effect and give users a reason to return regularly and explore your chatbot.

Use notifications

Fundamental chatbot gamification elements utilised by an abundance of mobile games are notifications. Notifications remind users to re-engage after a certain period of inactivity. The same approach can be applied to a chatbot. For example, a gamified chatbot can remind users to check out new products, join a contest or make recurring purchases. Notifications are exceptionally useful in industries where purchases are made at regular intervals like contact lenses or cosmetics. 

Easter eggs

Everyone loves easter eggs, they why not incorporate them into your chatbot. Easter eggs are an intentionally hidden joke or a message that is meant to be discovered. When users find something out of the ordinary, they are more likely to talk about it or share it. Thus, they are a great gamification marketing tactic. Easter eggs also work for conversational marketing and can easily gamify a chatbot. These subtle details develop a chatbot personality and make your chatbot more fun to explore.

How to gamify a chatbot with Botsurfer

How to apply gamification to your chatbot? These elements will make it easy to gamify a chatbot. 

  • Direct messaging: Broadcast messages or reminders to all users who have interacted with your chatbot. To enhance the experience, use audience segmentation and personalize direct messages according to the way they interacted with your gamified chatbot.
  • Lead generation element: Lead element is the easiest way of collecting new leads. With this element, you can collect responses from users in conversation. Of course, these responses can be subsequently downloaded. Don't forget the basic principle of gamification and provide users with a valuable incentive for their willingness to share their data with you.
  • Media elements: Incentives do not have to be too valuable or complicated. A simple but effective chatbot gamification strategy for implementing a reward system can be motivating your users with various media files. Whether it is a personalized video or a simple funny gif, your users will be encouraged to continue chatting with your chatbot.
  • Easter eggs: Surprise your users with random and mystery content. When designing your chatbot, try to incorporate a few easter eggs into the conversational flow. Easter eggs can be used to tease new products or features and will undoubtedly make your gamified chatbot memorable.


Build and gamify a chatbot with Botsurfer

At Botsurfer, we have the platform and tools you need for chatbot gamification. Create a fun gamified chatbot that will help you reach your potential customers. Sign up for free and explore our software suite to see how easy it is to build a customized chatbot for your business.

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