Using Facebook Messenger Chatbots Effectively in Digital Marketing

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The digital age resembles best what they say about weather in Texas. If you don’t like what you see now, wait five minutes and it will change. When it comes to digital marketing, the same remains true. For those born after 1985, SMS and email-based marketing are their parents’ or grandparents’ technology (although still quite effective when used right.) They grew up in an age where mobile apps and social media increasingly drive sales and website traffic.

In the blink of an eye, however, trends force focus on emerging technology and techniques. Facebook chatbots introduced in recent years have the power to offer even more personalization and penetration into lucrative social media-based markets.

What Are Chatbots and How Do They Work With Facebook Messenger?

Bots are automated artificial intelligence-based messaging programs. They interact with individuals conversationally and have the ability to answer questions, execute operations, and provide necessary information. 

Chatbots based in Facebook Messenger take a platform that individuals already use. Customers and clients can interact with it just as they would a friend, acquaintance, or family member. They need not download or click on anything to get the surface. 

Marketing is about breaking barriers - -mental, physical, or, in this case, procedural, between customers and products. Fewer steps of action separate consumer from product or service.

With over a billion people using Facebook Messenger regularly, chatbots have tremendous potential for boosting engagement.

What Potential Do They Hold In Marketing?

One of the downsides of this form of marketing comes from the skepticism of older consumers, such as those from the Baby Boomer and Gen X eras. Those who grew up with digital technology from day one, however, assume a larger share of the market over time. 

Facebook chatbots, especially as engineers make their deployment and use even more simple, will appear on more and more business and organizational websites. Companies, such as 1800 FLOWERS and the Wall Street Journal, use them to gather or disseminate information vital to their customers. As with most parts of their operation, Facebook succeeds by providing services that offer flexibility and convenience to both ends of the marketing spectrum.

Most will find that Facebook chatbots create outstanding opportunities to boost brand identification and loyalty. Personal and effective service goes a long way to create those important bonds if they work efficiently and flawlessly. Consultants can help your organization make sure that the chatbot services and messages reflect the right image.

Additionally, every inquiry with the chatbot adds the Facebook contact as an interested consumer. This can replicate the enduring success of the email marketing model with a much more agile and dynamic platform. 

We welcome you to browse through our Botsurfer website and learn more about chatbots and their potential for boosting your branding and marketing strategy.  Click the button below to try out Botsurfer and see the power of FB Messenger chatbots for yourself!

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